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Help for our community homeless

Just as the Five Elements can help you, we want to help the homeless in the greater Miami area. In talking to many homeless people in our area, many report a lack of self-confidence in themselves and their situation. We believe this lack of self-esteem creates a vicious cycle. Without the tools they need, the homeless may never have the direction needed to get off the circle and onto the right path.

As an organization, FiveElementsOm would like to offer them yoga and meditation sessions on a regular weekly basis to help them get their mind to rest, lose some of their stress and re-center themselves. Our goal is to help them learn that our minds produce most of our stresses and the key to good health is keeping the mind unburdened. A healthy mind equals a healthy body.

Further, we’d like to help provide them with next steps–and part of that is to shelter them from what life on the street exposes them to. Our idea is to get container boxes or prefabricated small homes and use them to provide sleeping quarters for four.

For as little as a $10 donation you can help us raise the money to buy a container home and place it in one of the city’s parks.