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Why the Five Elements are Important

Millions of people around the globe are enjoying a lifestyle that could never have been imagined many years ago: social explosions, technological improvements, new ideas and contexts; all leading to our inner beings assimilating these events in different ways. These events often lead to inner conflict and negative energy, producing negative thoughts. Though we have progressed in all societal aspects of life, problems are still created in the centuries-old conflicts rooted in God and religion. With all these advances in our lives and pairing them with repeated age-old conflicts, we are experiencing more stress and upheaval in our inner beings than ever before.                                                                                                      Helping our inner beings find peace amid chaos is what the Five Elements Om is all about.

Who we are

We base our belief in the Five Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Galaxy, and Water which form the basic units of all life in this universe. Only with these fundamentals can any life exist in the universe, and therefore can question the idealistic path of God’s existence.

One could say that the reason for hatred and war has not changed since it’s beginning, even when it has changed its form. We believe this outdated ideology of religion and God creates problems, and like any contradiction, it needs to be solved.

What we stand for

We advocate the path of yoga and meditation based on the Five Elements which are the building blocks of the universe. The Five Elements Om, registered in Florida, is not affiliated with any political party, religion or non-religious group in the USA, or any other country. We believe that unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot lead a peaceful life. This is how our concept of the Five Elements Om plays its role.

“The Five Elements Om has no religious or political affiliations”

We invite you to…

Contemplate our website and discover what the Five Elements could offer. The practical sessions will leave you with a vigorous energy that helps you to attain happiness. We are quite sure that with the Five Elements, one can receive maximum benefit and reach the goal of imparting a stress-free and happy life.

Our Message on Equality

As a non-affiliated organization, Five Elements Om disapproves of any kind of political, religious and social discrimination. We advocate for people’s self-expression, gender and sexual equality, and the universal rights to “life, liberty and security of person” as stated in Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

All future members are welcome to join the organization regardless of their social status, gender, sexual identity, language and nationality. We seek a discrimination-free environment, and a peaceful way of living.

Message from the founder

Why do we have so many religions in the world? This question is surely to have flickered across every person’s life at least one time. At the age of 14, I started to find an answer. As I grew older, I noticed that most of the people believed in religion, and followed a life that is deeply rooted in its beliefs and practices. Then I asked myself, “Why religion is so important? Why does it form an inseparable unit of our lives?”

During the past fourteen years, I have been doing research on religion and its intricately woven subsidiaries, and my inference was simple. We need the FIVE ELEMENTS (Air, Galaxy, Earth, Fire and Water) for us to be alive in this planet. It’s not mankind who created this planet, or if it is the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.

The fact is that though mankind created religion, a person under normal circumstances doesn’t have the option to choose a religion of his choice. He is bound to believe in a particular religion and he is taught to practice it. He, from a very tender age, is being shown the path of a specific religion. This is why I don’t believe in God or in any religion. By saying so, let me be clear that I am not against any religion or God. This forms only my personal opinion.

I have traveled across continents, met different people, came in touch with different cultures and interviewed many religious believers. From all these I could come to a firm decision or belief, that only with Five Elements can a living soul exist in this planet. We can appreciate and value the Five Elements by being responsible human beings.

“Five elements forms the building blocks of life”

Each year developed countries spend trillions of dollars on wars and for strengthening their military organizations. Imagine how all this money could have changed the world if it was used for the benefit of the poor. By satisfying their needs, prosperity would usher in, too.

We are all mere specks in this world that just passes by. Nothing is permanent in this world. Instead of being the advocates of hatred let us unite and bring cheer to people. Don’t let other people suffer; instead, try to help them live a healthy and happy life.

We believe in the Five Elements, and are committed to spread this message worldwide. We intend to create a world of happiness. Through our online course of Yoga and Meditation, we are trying to create an addiction toward life.

I welcome everyone to join us in order to live a better life for yourself and others.


Kongu D. Governed

The Five Elements Om Mission

You have discovered the new world of Five Elements Om! That discovery led you to visualizing the Five Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Galaxy and Water, and with your interpretation, the journey to spirituality and personal revival has started for you.

We are now in the same path. We provide, you achieve. First, there’s the inception of an idea, then, this idea materializes into instant clarification. We sketched the idea, but you started the engine of our mission when you decided to improve your lifestyle. It’s not about forgetting your past, but considering the impact of your present actions.

Our goal is to assure you make positive changes to your life. Maybe you have struggled to accomplish personal objectives, or you don’t even know the best way to attain them. That’s why Five Elements Om wants you to focus on yourself, and focusing on yourself doesn’t mean being selfish. We bring you yoga and meditation as an alternative to divest negative energy, and also as a spiritual method to emphasize individual mind, control your fears and stimulate confidence.

Moreover, since we are aware of certain problems in our current society, our mission is to help those suffering from any kind of addiction or mental disorder (alcoholism, drug abuse, bipolarity, etc.) so that they can resume a healthy life, realize about their potential, and the fact they could be productive individuals in today’s world.

Now it’s time for you to start your own mission!

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